Our Approach

We create liveable and beautiful spaces for the family that reflect day-to-day life and personal style. The firm brings a highly tailored process to each engagement and welcomes projects of any scale.


R / Lindsey Readel

Lindsey’s path into design has been a natural progression. Surrounded by a family full of artistic talent and creativity growing up, she was exposed to a beautifully set dining table, and abstract and figurative drawings. Choosing a more traditional career path, she invested 10 years in International Banking: honing her technical skills aside a foreign exchange trading desk. It was in this arena that she was tasked with an understanding of technology in business and how to manage large, complex projects to timelines and budget. Only with a break from the fast pace did she find her creative energy rekindled, navigating design choices for her own home. Applying her untapped design talent, keen eye to form and function, color and scale, she thrives in the creation of beautiful, warm spaces to come home to. Lindsey lives in Alamo with her husband and two daughters.

H / Nikki Haramoglis

Nikki spent ten years in sales and marketing for nationally recognized beauty brands. In this time, she would launch store openings both nationally and in Europe where an appreciation for merchandising and clean aesthetics naturally formed. Her interpersonal relationships, coupled with highly considered execution plans, would yield a successful launch each time. Today she enjoys creating spaces that read light and airy, warm and reflective of personal interests. Much of her appreciation for textiles and interior finishes stem from her various travels and exposure to unique landscapes and architecture. Juxtaposing refined items with that of raw, natural elements is a favored approach. Nikki lives in Danville with her husband and daughter.